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Component 1: National SME Survey Report 2013

Working with the SME Cell of the Ministry of Industries and the SME Foundation, the INSPIRED Bangladesh team is currently in the process of formulating and reviewing the National SME Development Strategy of Bangladesh. To feed into the strategy formulation process and to create a knowledge base on SME development, a series of studies were carried out in 2013 and early 2014, including a nationwide survey of 1200 SMEs. Click below to download the National SME Survey Report & Data Set from INSPIRED Bangladesh!


(Click here to view or right click and select ‘Save link as’ to download PDF)

Component 2A: Sector Reports (2013)

1. Electronics and Electrical Sector Report
2. Jackfruit Report
3. Natural Fibers
4. Plastics Report
5. Potato Flakes and Powder Report
6. Review of Agroprocessing Reports
7. Furniture Sector Report
8. Light Engineering Sector Report
9. Leather Sector Report