Project Closure

A minimum of three months is required by the Contracting Authority (the SME Cell of the Ministry of Industries)  and the Paying Authority (the EU Delegation to Bangladesh) to close the projects and to ensure:

  • The final narrative and financial reports are received from the beneficiaries;
  • The audited accounts are received for each project and reviewed;
  • Each beneficiary receives a final monitoring visit;
  • Final payment are made less any ineligible expenditure;
  • The final list of assets is approved and they are transferred to the beneficiary;
  • Final reports are prepared for each beneficiary by the Contracting Authority and sent to the Paying Authority for final approval and payment/recovery;
  • The overall final project report is prepared and forwarded to the Paying Authority; and
  • All the relevant information are transferred in a formal manner to the Contracting Authority.