Policy & Grant Management

The first element of Technical Assistance to INSPIRED, dealing with policy and grant management topics, is managed by a consortium of European firms led by EuroConsult Mott MacDonald, a Dutch consultancy, supported by Anteja ECG svetovanje d.o.o. of Slovenia, Formaper, the Agency of Milan Chamber of Commerce and International Development Ireland Ltd. It runs from January 2012 to November 2016.

Project Director Sushen Chandra Das, Additional Secretary,  Ministry of Industries 

Deputy Director –  Khairul Kabir Menon, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Industries

Team Leader – Ali Sabet

Senior Short Term Expert- Anne Raine, SME Competitiveness Grants Scheme

Accounts Expert- Md. Ektedar Rahman, SME Competitiveness Grants Scheme

Office Manager-  Suprio Kumar Battacharjee

Human Resources Development Expert- Dr. Zakir Hossain

Junior Short Term Expert- Naqeebul Islam Khan, Communication and Visibility 


Senior Short Term Expert- Mr. Akbar Hassan, Leadership Development

Senior Short Term Expert- Dr. Amir Hossain , Statistical/Data Management Tool SPSS

SME Cluster Development – Mateja Dermastia, Senior Trainer and President, Anteja ECG

Senior Short Term expert- Dr. Monzur Hossain,