Operational and Financial Guidelines for the Monitoring of Implementation of the Grant Scheme

The contracting authority for the programme shall be the Government of Bangladesh represented by the Economic Relations Division of the Ministry of Finance. The project supervisor will be the Ministry of Industries, which has designated the SME Cell as the responsible section of the Ministry. The SME Cell reports directly to the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Industries and has overall responsibility within the Ministry of Industries for SME development.  

A Steering Committee shall be set up to oversee and validate the overall direction and policy of the Programme It shall meet four times a year.

Following the launch the Contracting Authority (CA) will manage the Grant Scheme in accordance with the practical guide and establish a national Help Line to assist potential applicants with clarifications on the rules and procedures to facilitate successful grant applications.

The process for assessing grant applications will be coordinated by the grant unit of the CA. The Steering Committee will have overall responsibility to validate recommendations on grant contracts to be awarded. In support of this, they will appoint a Grant Evaluation Committee who will have oversight to decide on the grants to be approved. A technical evaluation team will be appointed to carry out the evaluations, in accordance with the pre-defined evaluation and selection procedures set out in the grant guidelines. Once the selection process had been completed, the CA and administer the grant process and the Paying Authority will distribute the grants based on the recommendations of the CA.