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Bangladesh INSPIRED built on the success of the earlier training during 2016 and once again partnered with ILO, Country office, Dhaka to organise a series of training programme for SMEs, operating in high priority sectors and women entrepreneurs on “Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management (EDBM)” as a part of the second module of “Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB)’’ programme of ILO.

The primary objective of this training programme was to enable prospective and existing entrepreneurs, their to start business and strengthen the feasibility as well as the profitability of their existing enterprises. The training programme was designed to include interactive business exercises, where the participants learned to understand the
theories of entrepreneurship & were given the opportunity to develop their knowledge of how to launch a new venture or initiate a business enterprise.

The deliberate inclusion of a high number of women entrepreneurs was made because of the difficulties many women face due to their lack of knowledge and suitable business management skills. These difficulties are often compounded by the negative mind-set of lending institutions, particularly in the rural branches of banks, when a woman applies for a loan. This training programme was designed to give the women the knowledge and confidence to override such difficulties and also to provide them with an opportunity to test and nurture the required entrepreneurial skills.

The first session of the training was successfully completed with participation of 23 trainees grouped from different Business Intermediary Organisations (BIOs), National Association of Small and Cottage Industries of Bangladesh (NASCIB) and SME Foundation. The first 5 day training programme took place between 23rd and 27th July 2016. The second session of the training programme was delivered between 20th and 24th August 2016, with 30 participants coming from the SME membership of different BIOs many of whom were Grant Beneficiaries under INSPIRED Component 2b.

edbmSubsequently, a third delivery of this training programme was made in Chittagong with the support of Chittagong Women Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CWCCI) between 24th and 28th September 2016, with participation of 34 trainees. With the support of Sylhet Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SWCCI) the fourth session of this training was successfully delivered between 16th and 20th October 2016, with the participation of 30 trainees from the members of SWCCI, which resulted in enhancing the skill and knowledge of the trainees on the key concept of entrepreneurship and business management. Upon completion of the training, a small closing ceremony was held with the presence of Mr. Md. Jaynal Abedin, District Commissioner, Sylhet, as the Chief Guest, where he provided the closing speech and distributed the certificates to the trainees.Following on from the implementation of the training programme in Chittagong, the participants and the members of CWCCI were very satisfied and they requested for another training programme to be conducted. Subsequently, the fifth delivery of this training programme was conducted between the 10th and 14th November 2016 at the premises of Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with participation of 30 trainees coming from the membership of CWCCI. The training programme concluded with a certificate distribution ceremony that was held at Hotel Agrabad, Chittagong. Ms. Kamrun Malek, President, CWCCI, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, while Ms. Monowara Hakim Ali, Director FBCCI and Founder President, CWCCI, was present as the Special Guest, with Ms. Ivy Hasan, Vice President, CWCCI, and other Directors of CWCCI present during the certificate distribution ceremony.  

It should be noted that the training sessions in Chittagong and Sylhet were organised by having CWCCI and SWCCI sharing part of  the expenses, respectively. 

edbm-slytOverall, through the completion of the five sessions of training, we have trained 147 trainees, mostly women entrepreneurs. The successful completion of these training sessions is due to the full support and collaboration of ILO, Country Office, Dhaka, under its B-SEP Project-ILO, as well as various women associations and business intermediary

Furthermore, participants gained a high level of comprehension of the weaknesses and strengths of strategic management within the public sector, and gained understanding of the relationship between an organisations vision/mission and its future. With these tools the participants are now able to apply their new knowledge within their own organisation.