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Training programme on “Strategic Planning” which was conducted by Ali Sabet, Team Leader, at Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM) in Cox’s Bazar, between 23rd and 25th September 2016.

Officials from the SME Foundation and Ministry of Industries, totalling 20 participants took part and they were all either currently engaged or will be engaged in reformulating or driving their organisation in a new direction. 

The training was inaugurated by Mr. Sushen Chandra Das, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Industries and INSPIRED Project Director, as the Chief Guest, with the presence of Mr. Md. Safiqul Islam, Managing Director, SME Foundation, and Mr. Khairul Kabir Menon, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Industries and INSPIRED Deputy Project  Director, as Swhy-planpecial Guests.

At the beginning of the session, Mr. Sushen Chandra Das provided the trainees with an overview of how the Ministry and government institutions conduct their strategic planning process. The session was then taken over by Ali Sabet where he covered the process and structure overview of strategic planning, strategic plan models, Individual Components of the Strategic Planning Process and reviewed many examples from different institutions in the neighbouring countries. 

In developing and delivering this training programme the main objective was to ensure provision of the basic skills and knowledge to the selected/ concerned officials of SME Foundation and Ministry of Industries in order to enable them to execute and monitor the strategic planning based on proven analytical techniques and tried and tested models that are used by neighbouring countries.

Furthermore, participants gained a high level of comprehension of the weaknesses and strengths of strategic management within the public sector, and gained understanding of the relationship between an organisations vision/mission and its future. With these tools the participants are now able to apply their new knowledge within their own organisation. 

At the end of the training session, a small closing ceremony was held where Mr. Md. Safiqul Islam, Managing Director, SME Foundation, delivered the closing speech and distributed the certificates to the participants.