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Members of staff from the SME Foundation and Ministry of Industries, totalling 20 participants who are currently or will be engaged in creating and managing projects and resources using Microsoft Office Project 2010, took part in a seven-day training programme  on Microsoft Project Office and EXCEL delivered by Senior Short term Expert Mr. Mufakharul Islam.

This seven-day programme was held at the premises of SME Foundation, from  16th to 23rd July 2016. The main objective of developing and delivering this training programme was to ensure provision of basic skills and knowledge that have to be possessed by the selected/concerned officials of SMEF and MoI, in relation to gaining practical skills and become fully familiarised with the basic features and functions of Microsoft Project, and have a better practical understanding of Microsoft Excel so that they can use it effectively and efficiently in a real-world environment, as well as being better equipped to use Microsoft Excel.

During the course of the training programme participants  obtained the knowledge that will enable them to perform, create and define new projects from templates or other projects, enter and insert new tasks, create an outline structure, estimate hours and duration, define dependencies, set constraints, and assign resources to task.

Furthermore, participants were given the skills on how to develop EXCEL based applications including; advanced logical and look- up functions, data validation and dynamic conditional formatting, forms and control toolbox, macros and VBA programming.

Participants also learned how to analyse and manage resource utilisation, set a baseline, track progress, and create reports.