Europe Day

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Europe Day is held annually on 9th May in order to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the ‘Schuman Declaration’, when Robert Schumann, French foreign minister in EU day 1the year 1950, outlined the idea of political cooperation in Europe that would make war between their nations unthinkable. A treaty that ensured cooperation in the management of coal and steel production amongst the European Institution was signed a year later hailing the beginning of, what is now known as, the European Union.

On the occasion of the Europe Day celebrations on 9th May 2016 held at the Westin Hotel in Dhaka and at the invitation of H.E. Mr. Pierre Mayaudon, Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the EU Delegation to Bangladesh, a number of table-displays and products of the two projects, INSPIRED and SWITCH, were showcased.

The INSPIRED Grant Beneficiaries who took part in the event included;  Bangladesh Agro-Processors Association (BAPA), whose stand featured examples of processed foods, the raw materials of which are produced by some of their members; Leathergoods and Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (LFMEAB)  showcasing their production of handbags, leather belts and shoes. The display was from one of the        cluster members with access to the one of two CFCs installed as a result of the INSPIRED project; Bangladesh Specialised Textile Mills & Powerloom Industries Association (BSTMPIA) who displayed a variety of household linens such as sheets, duvet covers, tablecloths etc.; Bangladesh Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI) displayed baskets, jewellery, tissue boxes and other small items for the office and home that have been produced from banana and pineapple waste based fibres;  Bangladesh Garments Accessories & Packaging EU day 2Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGAPMEA) whose display showed samples of just a few of the hundreds of items manufactured by the Association’s members, such as clothing accessories, pharmaceuticals and food packaging, cosmetics, zips and buttons and so on; and finally Bangladesh Furniture Industries Owners Association (BFIOA), an association that was responsible for having trained over 5000 young people from 400 + SMEs. They showcased videos of the training undertaken during the INSPIRED project that concentrated on demonstrating new methods and new machines that will help assist the SMEs to become more competitive.