Successful Completion of INSPIRED Project Component 3 and the Closing Ceremony

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As the last activity under this Component/Areas of Activity, a closing ceremony with dinner was organised and completed for 150 selected invitees in Dhaka Amari, on 17 June 2015. The aim of this closing ceremony was to provide all the concerncomponent 3 closing 1ed officials of the beneficiaries and stakeholders with a presentation/workshop on what was implemented and achieved by the Project. Up to 150 selected officials from the beneficiaries and stakeholders, including concerned staff from BBTA/Bangladesh Bank and BIBM who have been working closely with the Project, as well as short term experts of the Project will be invited to this presentation which would then be followed with the dinner.

Dr. Atiur Rahman, Honourable Governor of Bangladesh Bank, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest; and Mr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan ndc, Honourable Secretary of the Ministry of Industries, Mr. Mario Ronconi, Head of Cooperation of European Union Delegation to Bangladesh, were present as Special Guests. The event was attended by 150 officials from the project’s direct and indirect beneficiaries, including concecomponent 3 closing 2rned staff from BBTA/Bangladesh Bank and BIBM who have been working closely with the Project, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Industries and Project Director of INSPIRED, Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank, President of LFMEAB, Presidents of AGWEB and WEAB, Founder President of CWCCI, Senior Vice President of BWCCI, number of Managing Directors of commercial banks and NBFIs, project’s team of experts, and other dignitaries. A presentation was delivered by TL and CBTE on the accomplishments of the Project’s implementation activities (component 3 closing 3what was implemented and achieved by the Project), which was then followed by speeches from number of dignitaries, in particular the Honourable Governor of Bangladesh Bank, Honourable Secretary of MoI, Additional Secretary of MoI, and the Head of Cooperation of the European Union Delegation to Bangladesh. The project team thanked the senior management of BBTA and BIBM for all their support and cooperation, and in particular the designated SME faculty members, officials of SMESPD of Bangladesh Bank and all the short term experts for their valuable cooperation for implementation of project’s activities, as well as the Ministry of Industries for their efforts in supervising the implementation ocomponent 3 closing 4f our project’s deliverable.

Moreover, the project team paid special to Honourable Governor of Bangladesh Bank for his immense and valuable advice and support in steering the project forward.