Training on “SME Banking Performance Analysis & Supervisory Review Assessment: Macro-prudential Regulations”,

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TR SME Banking 1A five-day training session was delivered by SSTE, Mr. Glenn Tasky, which took place at BBTA, from 7th to 11th June 2015. The course was attended by 23 trainees comprising of officials of Banking Supervision Department of Bangladesh Bank and designated Faculty members of BBTA.  The main objective of developing and delivering this particular training course, was to ensure provision of skills and knowledge that have to be possessed by the selected banking supervision staff of Bangladesh Bank, designated trainers of BBTA, particularly in relation to analysing the credit risk of banks and the skills to make an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a bank, with specific focus on SME Business Lines of Credit Institutions, including two main dimensions of macro-prudential policies: the time dimension (pro-cyclicality of financial systems) and the cross section dimension (systemic risk).

This training course was, therefore, specifically designed and targTR SME Banking 2eted towards middle and senior level officials of Banking Supervision Department of Bangladesh Bank and BBTA designated faculty members in order to enhance their skills and knowledge,  addressing some of the policy innovations that have grown out of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007—2014, with an emphasis on macro-prudential supervision, new tools for capital measurement and management (including stress testing), new methods for liquidity measurement and management (including Liquidity Transfer Pricing and the Basel III standards), provisioning for expected loan losses, and recovery and resolution techniques for failing and failed banks.