Seminar on “Best Practices Indicators/Benchmarks for SME Financing Development”

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This seminar aimed at providing a high-level and high-impact “Executive Briefing” on how data and statistical information on SMEs’ and entrepreneurs’ access to finance, and better data including international benchmarSeminar Best practices 1ks can help Bangladesh in better understand the business financing needs and provide sound basis for informed policy discussions.

The seminar was successfully led and completed by Mr. Jamshed Zaman, SSTE, with the support of Mr. Jaheed Parvez, JSTE, and it took place at the Auditorium of BBTA, on Auditorium of BBTA, on 9th June 2015.

With the participation of 160 mid to senior level officials from the Bangladesh Bank, banks and NBFIs, the seminar discussed, initially, notable growth in Bangladesh economy since 1990s as a result of reforminitiatives and the socio-economic contributions of the NGOs-MFIs, and then elaborated that second paradigm shift in growth would be possible with increasing financial inclusion through ensuring access to finance to SMEs, and providing the suppliers of finance with a more comprehensive assessment of their clients’ needs that enables them to design better products and services. Then, the seminar elucidated difficultieSeminar Best practices 2s to measure voluntary and involuntary exclusion; indicators relating to cross-country comparison; rural and urban and gender disparities, and financial market imperfections.

The seminar attempted also to identify best practice indicator for Bangladesh from an analysis of experiences of selected developed and developing countries and proposes a national database framework to initiate a survey on the access to finance of enterprises. During the last part of the seminar, a number of recommendations were made for creation and maintenance of a database on supply side and demand side of finance to SMEs.

Mr. Shitangshu Kumar Sur Chowdhury, Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank addressed in the seminar as Chief Guest and opened the seminar. Presided over by Dr. Toufic Ahmad Choudhury, Director General, BIBM, the seminar was also addressed by, Md. Golam Mostafa, Executive Director (in-charge) of BBTA.