Workshop on “The Role of Media in Promoting Access to Finance for SME in Bangladesh”, 9 May 2015

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This unique workshop, which took place at BBTA and successfully completed on 9 May 2015 with participation of 30 economic and business reporters.

The workshop was and moderated by Ali Sabet, TL, with the support of Mr. Masum AL Jaki, JSTE. In addition, Deputy General Manager of SME and Special Programme Department of Bangladesh Bank, the Head of SME Unit of Eastern Bank Limited, and the BIBM SME Role of media 1Consultant and former General Manager of SME and Special Programme Department of Bangladesh Bank were invited to provide participants with the recent development of SME banking, in particular in areas of policy support of Bangladesh Bank and trends in SME lending by commercial banks in Bangladesh.

The main objectives were:

  • Enhance the capacity of journalists to report on SME related issues including the scope of SME in Bangladesh and the contribution of SME in developing the country’s economic development;
  • Deepen the understanding of participants on how the SME business run in the country, the challenges that the small and medium entrepreneurs face to run their business and the way forward; and
  • Enhanced visibility of SME news through effective media coverage.

Upon completion of the workshop, a closing ceremony was held with Mr. Abul Quasem, Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank, as the Chief Guest who provided the closing address and handed out the certificates to the participants.